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Carpet Cleaning

Before we arrive, we would kindly ask you to remove any valuables and small items. We can move larger items although we tend to leave large very heavy items and TV units in place. WE ONLY CHARGE FOR THE AREA WE CAN CLEAN


We will carry out a full survey of each carpet to be cleaned, noting condition, pre existing stains and marks, measure the rooms less any furniture that is staying to give you an accurate price.

Vacuum Soil Removal

Then we use a commercial vacuum to thoroughly remove all traces of dry soil. This is an important process which is skipped by many lesser carpet cleaners. Having this done properly will allow the cleaning solutions to be much more effective on the carpet fibres.

Spot & Stain Removal

Any existing stains will be treated and removed as much as possible and we will advise on any permanent staining.


We will treat the carpet to an advanced and safe detergent free solution that will attract and suspend the dirt in the carpet fibres. We will also add a deodoriser and a sanitiser if required ensuring the carpets smell as fresh as they look on completion.


This is another vital step when using our modern solutions. An electric brush machine along with hand brushes are used to agitate the chemicals and ensure they will do the best job possible at removing the dirt.

Rinse & Extraction

We will use the most powerful portable machine available to rinse the whole area with an eco friendly neutral solution and extract the dirt out of the carpet leaving them almost dry and beautifully clean.

Final Groom

As we give the carpets a final groom ( like a large comb ) which raises the pile and allows the carpet to completely dry we will inspect for any stains still present and attempt a final removal.


We will leave protective blocks or slides under any furniture that is sitting on the cleaned carpet. They will be dry in only a few hours although if there are any areas that you would like drying immediately we can use one of our drying machines to speed up the process.

Example Clean

Carpet Cleaning Picture beforeHere we have patio doors which the customer has placed a strip of carpet off-cut to help protect the fitted carpet underneath ie : a mat.

To the eye, the carpet looks fairly clean.







Carpet Clean before 2This  shows that when the mat is lifted, there is a distinct line showing that not only the mat but the unprotected carpet is dirty.








Carpet Cleaning AfterThis shows the same area after we have cleaned the whole room. No line is visible and the entire carpet is now fresh and clean. Imagine this had been a dark coloured carpet - it would be impossible to see the dirt.


This is a good indicator that even when carpets look clean, they do harbour lots of dirt which gets compressed deep into the carpet fibres. Carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning every 6 - 24 months. As well as the carpets appearance, this soiling will wear out your carpets faster, is more attractive to insects and mites and in turn more prone to provoke allergies and unpleasant odours.


Why it's not cost effective to DIY

It's not worth being tempted to hire cheap machines and/or do the job yourself. These can be underpowered and will not extract the dirt effectively. They also tend to use chemicals that leave a sticky residue which attracts more dirt, don't rinse nor dry thoroughly leaving a wet carpet which will become rapidly dirty again.